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Arabic Reading Online is one of many courses offered on Arabicwiz.com

Arabic Reading Online is an online, self-learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) Reading course. The course Is designed for non-native speakers of Arabic at all levels of proficiency.
Arabic Reading Online is a multi-level. It offers reading texts suitable for Beginners, intermediates (materials available) and Advanced students(materials still under development). The learner registers in the level most suitable to his/her language proficiency level.
Arabic Reading Online offers the learner a variety of reading passages that are classified according to the text type of each passage (e.g. informative, narrative, argumentative etc.). Each text type is further divided into topics of interest (e.g. under informative texts the learner can read about politics, culture, science, general knowledge, hobbies etc.). It is up to the learner to choose which text type to start with and which topics to cover before taking a test. However, guidance is given to learners at the beginners level regarding which text type to start with. It is necessary for a student, in order to move from one reading proficiency level to the other within the Arabic Reading Online course, to study and complete 3 lessons at least from each text type successfully.

Expose ASL learners to authentic and semi-authentic texts of different genres.
Enable students even at the Novice levels to have control of their learning process.
Develop and improve the learner’s comprehension of Arabic texts through scaffolding reading passages through the use of hyper-media and practice of new vocabulary.
Build and expand the learner’s vocabulary in general Arabic, at the elementary and intermediate levels, and in more specialised domains of interest, at the high intermediate and advanced levels.
Strengthen and develop the learner’s knowledge of the derivational sysytem of the language and verb conjugation.
Develop listening to, and pronunciation of Arabic language through guided reading aloud.
Allow students to read and learn in Arabic at their own pace.

General Benefits
Online e-learning draws the learner to topics they like and enjoy as opposed to those forced upon them. Research shows that because of this retention is frequently better than in a traditional classroom.
Learning is self-paced. Students are able to work as fast or slow as they desire. You can study anywhere you have access to a computer terminal and Internet.
Learning is self-directed and flexible. Students are able to design their curriculum to fit their unique interests, and skill levels.
Students can skip over material they already know and focus on topics they would like to learn.
It incorporates multiple learning styles for a number of varied and unique learners.
Develop listening to, and pronunciation of Arabic language through guided reading aloud.
Enhances computer and Internet skills.
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